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City Lights remastered Volume 1: The Dirty Mind Tour

In toasting the return of Silver Tongue as a tour de force of the Purple blogosphere, I’m breaking out the bubbly this fine evening and with an “oldie but goodie” captured live and in very fine form  from The Ritz – New York, NY – March, 1981.  The unadulterated sound of “Still Waiting” takes me back to a time where the needle surely dropped instead a genre driven playlist and the radio carried melodies you could actually share with your kids.  (Maybe just not the full album as the attire of the day suggested below!)

ST has the full scoop on the release to include the “one-click” DL link, as he continually works to make the music “FREE4FANS” when it comes to his online abode for “All things Purple”.

Join me in welcoming the return of Purple House with

Purple House 2.0 

because you just can’t keep a good man down!

As always – with both

Peace and Love2tha9s..

Throwback Thursday – for the B-boys (via Alex Kidd Mixx Sanchez)

It’s “been a minute” since I’ve put up a TBT post but Alex Kidd Mixx Sanchez has just the right script to remedy any Old School deficiency!  The double dosage of early Hip Hop beats cover everything from Afrika Bambaataa and the Soulsonic Force to the “wiki-wiki” of Newcleus as the needle drops to 1984..

On a side “Note“, I had a partial clip of B-Boy Breakdown Mixx 1 and was fully engaged in the web search for the complete mp3 file when I happened upon his FB page (with link above).  Much to my delight, I messaged ol’ boy and presto – links for B-BBM1 and 2 were at my fingertips and now at yours!  *Full download capability is offered along with the streaming audio option and if you dig the vibe as I do – please give him a shout-out with Peace and Love

from tha House of Cochi!

B-Boy Breakdown Mixx 1

B-Boy Breakdown Mixx 2