Life Shaping Music

The interpretation of the world we live in, defines for each of us as individuals; a unique reality.  Our interaction within this realization constitutes the life experience.

Artistic expression begins with the artist’s subjective interpretation of any such aspect of the life experience and is shared in most cases, with the masses.  Appealing to the senses that comprise our humanity, these expressions are further subjectively interpreted by the individual and internalized to varying degrees ranging from simple fancy, profound discovery or conversely: indifference or irritation.

For some of us, the musical expression of life  is the most endearing.  Song is often embedded with a message that seems to be written for you or I, singularly and delivered in a tone that only our own experience can rationalize.  It resonates; it reverberates in the innermost chambers of our hearts and takes hold within the recesses of our minds where we subconsciously assign it a value.

It is this value that we sometimes unknowingly, take forth from this personal affair and with it; color our future expectations or encounters.  The embedded value becomes part of the analytical process that we use to assess both past experiences and our current (human) condition.  The content itself should hardly dictate, but instead help to “shape” life and the moments in-between. Hence, Life Shaping Music


More than soothing the savage beast, music can be at once both the sanctifying grace and affirmation of our human nature.  Lyrics and their delivery can and do liberate us in times of repression, nurture us when bruised, inspire us to vanquish fear and strengthen us to embrace change.  Maya Angelou writes:

“Music was my refuge.  I could crawl into the space between the notes and curl my back to loneliness.”

In my novice attempt at blogging, I’ll begin with providing a glimpse of the music that has meant something to me at one time or another.  Of course the insight conveyed by the pieces themselves; will vary.  There are simple melodies I’ve taken a fondness to, with disregard for lyrical content and songs that contain a message so complete, that it envelopes me. Maybe this is my “disclaimer” when it comes to the indefinite scope of genres that I’ll dance between.

And as such, I give you my interpretation of Life Shaping Music.


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