(This is) What It Feels Like

What it feels like

(Where do we start on this one..?)


With much props to tha True Funk Soldiers at DaBang, I had the fortunate listening Xperience of Prince’s new collabo with Andy Allo in the form of “What it Feels Like“; a 2:58 journey into the metaphysical world of Paisley Park.

Initially, I took the misstep of reading some of the user commentary within the Soundcloud playback platform and happened upon entries like “not much happening in this song- come on, Prince” and “these lyrics are simple and kiddy”.  I had an immediate flashback to tha “grits and gravy, cheese eggs and ham” imagery in “Breakfast Can Wait”.  Now don’t get me wrong – BCW is a jam (no pun intended) but I was somewhat prepared for a prolonged wait for Prince’s return to profound delivery.

The buck stopped here.

This Xperience is surely a room of it’s own within the halls of the Purple Palace, as Prince expounds in nimble deftness, yet within the connotations of current circumstance – our earthly existence and relationship with Love/God as we know it.  It comes complete with biblical reference in the essence of “spreading the Word” and I hope he knows that he’s reached at least one soul with the effort.

This being the case, I can’t say that I’ve been able to put a name to the comfort that I’ve found in this creation, but maybe you can fill in your own blank as to (this) is “What It Feels Likebabe..

with Peace and Love2tha9s-